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If you are a staff member or resident of a participating long-term care facility, you may qualify for the BLAZE‑2 Study for COVID‑19.

Meeting an Urgent Need with a Unique Study

Residents and staff members at long‑term care facilities are particularly vulnerable to COVID‑19, which makes now a frightening time for them and their loved ones. In the United States, at least 153,000 residents and staff members of nursing homes have contracted COVID‑19, accounting for over a third of the country's COVID‑19 deaths. These populations have an urgent need for COVID‑19 treatments. Eli Lilly and Company, a US‑based pharmaceutical company, has partnered with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on the BLAZE‑2 Study to meet this need.

Long‑term care facilities across the US are participating in the BLAZE‑2 Study. This study is designed to test whether an investigational medicine called LY‑CoV555 prevents new infections of COVID‑19 or lessens how sick someone gets if they do get infected with COVID‑19. For each participating facility, the study begins when a resident or staff member tests positive for COVID‑19. Once that happens, a mobile research unit goes to the facility to enroll study volunteers. After the mobile research unit leaves (within 1 week of arriving), follow‑up assessments continue for about 6 months. Study volunteers do not need to go anywhere to participate ‑ the study comes to them.

The Study at a Glance

The BLAZE‑2 Study is available to participants at up to 2000 long‑term care facilities across the US. If you are a resident or staff member at a participating facility, you may have the opportunity to take part in this important research. Participation is convenient, since our mobile research units will come to you.

Trial Details

Potential Treatment Under Study

What's Involved?

Maximum Trial Length
5–6 Months

Who Qualifies?

Male & Female

About the Study Drug

Researchers are studying an investigational medicine called LY‑CoV555, to see if it prevents new infections of COVID‑19 or lessens how sick someone gets if they do get infected with COVID‑19. The US FDA is allowing this investigational medicine to be used for research, as part of the process for the approval of new medicines. The investigational medicine used in this study is a man‑made antibody drug, called a monoclonal antibody.

Why Participate?

Each person and each research study are different. Every research study has risks and benefits to consider when deciding whether to participate. If you qualify, you and your loved ones are the only people who can decide if participation is the right choice for you.

You may want to take part in this study for the following reasons:

Advance Medicine

Move COVID‑19 research forward and help find a treatment that may help others

Become Involved

Take an active role in your health by staying informed and exploring new options

Access Study Drug

Possibly try an investigational medicine for COVID‑19 that is available only for research

Interested in helping us search for a way to live life beyond the mask?